halloween pumpkins

Halloween: Keep Your Pumpkin Seeds for Some Healthy Snacks!

I’m avoiding sweets this year for Halloween… But I still want some treats though! People mainly buy pumpkins to carve them and sometimes we just forget we can also eat them. I’m not such a big fan of a pumpkin soup but I love their seeds as a snack and it’s actually pretty healthy! First I have to show you my beautiful Halloween pumpkin face:

jack-o-lantern halloween 2020

This time, instead of throwing away all of the goodness inside, keep the seeds and follow the below, step by step!

curving a pumpkin for halloween
  • Untangle the raw seeds from the pulp and stringy fibres
  • Rinse them in a colander
remove seeds from pumpkin
  • Dry them properly with a towel
  • Add olive oil, salt, black pepper, piri piri (or any spice you like)
  • Spread them evenly on a tray
pumpkin seeds on a tray
  • Roast them in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 180 °C
  • They’re ready when they’re turning a bit brown
roasted pumpkin seeds healthy snack

And voila, my very own roasted pumpkin seeds! It’s so easy to make, I can’t believe I’ve never done it before. And it’s delicious. You can easily tailor it the way you like, with a different oil and/or different seasonings. Personally I prefer it with some kick to it!

Note: 20g of salted roasted pumpkin seeds represents roughly 130 calories (I got 70g of seeds out of this pumpkin). This snack provides fibre and is an excellent source of zinc, you can store them for up to 2 weeks (I’ll definitely eat them all before though). Roast your own pumpkin seeds and come back to tell me how good it was! Did you have them on their own or in a salad?

Big Girl x


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