Why Are Black Cats Associated With Halloween?

First of all, Happy Halloween!! On this occasion, I wanted to talk about the fact that black cats suffer from discrimination and are more likely than others to be left at the shelters… How can some people make decisions based on nothing else but a colour?

Carved pumpkin + Black cat = Perfect Halloween picture

Black cats usually have a bad reputation

Based on Halloween superstitions, black cats have a pretty bad reputation… They’re accused of being:

  • Bad luck
  • Demonic animals given to elderly and solitary women by the devil himself (Dark Ages)
  • Witches that had been reincarnated
  • Familiar with witches and helping them with their evil deeds
  • A representation of black magic
  • A sign of death (a bit like black birds such as crows or ravens)
  • Satan himself (medieval myth)

Because of these old myths full of non-sense, abandoned or unwanted black cats are known to be very difficult to rehome. It seems to me they are the unlucky ones, rather than bringing bad luck to others! Oh, and if you see a black cat crossing your path… It just means this beautiful creature is going somewhere, nothing else. To me, superstitions are pure inventions that someone came up with some day and somehow many people started to actually “believe” in them. It’s less harmful when the superstition is positive though.

They are also associated with good luck

Thankfully, superstitions can go both ways and black cats also have positive associations – depending on the country. For example:

  • In Europe – Sailors would have a black cat on board to bring them good luck, and their wives would keep a black cat with them to influence their safe returns
  • In Egypt – They symbolise fertility and protection from disease (thanks to their resemblance to Bastet, the cat-headed Egyptian goddess)
  • In the UK – Owning a black cat brings you luck
  • In Japan – They help you finding love and frighten away demons, evil energy, and stalkers
  • In Scotland – It’s good luck to see a black cat on your doorstep

Why I decided to adopt a black cat

When I adopted my older cat (left), I was only a student so I couldn’t afford more than one cat. I had to separate him from his little sister who was all black… I’ve always regretted it a little, especially when he seemed bored and desperate for a companion. 13 years later, we made a move and adopted this little cutie (right) – I wanted a female black cat, like my cat’s sister I never adopted. Things happen for a reason, I know this one was meant to be with us!

They can’t talk but I’m pretty sure they thank us for this decision

Reasons to adopt a black cat

  • They look like a black panther but they are a lot easier to feed (and probably a lot less dangerous to have at home)
  • The colour of their fur makes the colour of they eyes stand out and it looks stunning
  • They are the least likely to be adopted but they will give you as much love as other cats
  • They naturally have a lot of charisma and charm
  • You don’t really need a lint brush to remove their hair from your clothes or furniture
  • They’re very photogenic
  • They know how to play hide and seek better than other cats
  • They clearly inspire people (look at all the superstitions they’ve generated!)
  • They don’t care about what colour your skin or your hair are
She definitely looks like good luck to me

If you’re not into cats or don’t want them, you can always have a black cat figurine facing North to bring you good luck, I swear it’s working! (no, not really).

Big Girl x


  1. Thanks for doing both sides of the story. It’s amazing when you think about it. We think things and we do certain things… not really sure why. And when you look at it closely, you wonder to yourself: WTF?! Poor cats… Here’s to spreading the word! If people only knew better!

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