Getting Married? 6 Popular Bridal Subscription Boxes to Choose From

Have you heard of bridal subscription boxes? I’ve always loved receiving mystery boxes on a regular basis: from fruits & vegetables every week to beauty products every month. You pay a fixed amount (usually monthly but it varies) and someone else handpicks the products you receive. Part of the game is you never know if you’re going to be pleasantly surprised or disappointed (a bit like Christmas gifts). I’m not the only one who loves that concept… Tons of bridal subscription boxes have been created to accompany future brides from the moment they’re engaged until their honeymoon, there are so many out there that it could be a bit difficult to know which one to pick! So I thought I would do an overview of 6 options I looked at myself before making my own decision, and hopefully help you with yours!

MISS TO MRS BOX – Based in the US

Your first box with them is shipped within 2 business days, perfect if you don’t want to wait too long! Your subscription will be tailored based on your wedding date, which is kind of cool: you enter your date and it suggests the best plan for you. For example you’ll receive your boxes every 3 months if your wedding is still far away, every 2 months, every month or twice a month if you’re already close to the big day. Each box costs $35 USD (shipping not included) and there are 9 boxes in total (the subscription ends after the 9th box). Themes are always the same so you already have a good idea of what kind of items you’re going to receive.

THE BRIDE BOX – Based in the US

This is another famous subscription box, following a completely different model: you can choose between several subscriptions (3, 6, 9 or 12 months) or a rolling monthly plan that you can cancel anytime. Each box costs between $34.99 and $39.99 USD depending on the plan you choose (shipping not included). Boxes are shipped around 15th-20th of each month and contain items from various brands and artists in the bridal industry. They claim to be the original monthly subscription box (before so many others started to copy the idea!). They also offer one-off boxes you can purchase as gifts and you’ll know exactly what’s in the box – no disappointment.

THE RING BOXES – Based in the US

Same options are offered: 3, 6, 9 or 12 month subscription or a rolling monthly plan that you can cancel anytime, with very similar prices as each box costs between $34 and $39.95 USD (shipping not included) depending on the plan you choose. This time, boxes are shipped around 4th-8th of each month. They come up with a new theme every month to help future brides in their planning process and to pamper themselves. They also offer boxes for same sex couples which is always thoughtful – no awkward “groom” items for Mrs & Mrs weddings. Worth mentioning the international shipping cost is quite expensive with them ($15.95 USD).


This website offers way more than just a subscription box, with various items from engagement gifts to bridesmaid proposals, but also diverse clothes and accessories. It’s a great website to get inspiration from! It’s nonetheless another competitor as they also offer a monthly subscription box for brides to be. Each box costs £25 (shipping not included) and you can choose to receive it every month or every 2 months. You can also pause, skip or cancel at any time so it’s a great option if you want some flexibility (your subscription will automatically cancel after your 6th box anyway). They are currently not shipping outside of the EU.

THE INSPIRE BOX – Based in the UK

You can choose between a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription, or a rolling monthly plan that you can cancel anytime. Each box costs between £21.99 and £24.99 depending on the plan you choose, but shipping is included in the price this time. Boxes are shipped around 25th of each month. Their website is very simple, clear to understand as it’s the only thing they offer and I like the fact that you can see what they sent in previous boxes. You can quickly have a feel if you like their products or not! They also offer a same sex couple option to make sure you receive relevant products and they like asking what you wish to receive in the future (it can always inspire them).


I finish with this box because it’s the one I picked for myself. I liked the fact that it’s British because I was always going to receive it quicker than a box from the States (and I also avoid more expensive shipping rates). Each box costs £22.99 (shipping not included) if you pick the monthly rolling basis, otherwise you can prepay and save with a 3 month plan or a 6 month plan (where each box will then cost £21.49 but you’ll have to pay upfront). For some it could be inconvenient but I actually like that it automatically renews unless you cancel. I also like their online shop where you can buy popular items from previous boxes. Each box is sent around 20th of each month and I’ve just received the November box today! Below what I received:

Blushing Bride Box November 2020
  • 10 favour boxes – very useful!
  • a wax seal stamp kit – to personalise your invitations with a “love” stamp made with a rose gold melted wax (I love it)
  • a lemon superfood rescue butter – it’s always nice to receive a beauty product in the box, I tend to have dry skin so this is perfect
  • a wooden “sweet bar” sign – still unsure if we’re going to have a sweet bar at our wedding but we can always use them separately
  • a notebook for one of your bridesmaids – most brides have more than one bridesmaid but they also sell them for only £2.50 in the online shop
  • a “Bride & Groom” banner – the type of things you don’t think of buying yourself but could be nice to have
  • 8 “I do crew” hen party cups – I will definitely use them with my crew!

If you fancy trying it out, you can use the code BIGGIRL at checkout to get £5 off your first Blushing Bride Box on the monthly subscription plan! You’re welcome! 🙂

So what bridal box tempts you the most? If you know someone who’s getting married soon, I guarantee they will love this as a gift for Christmas (if they haven’t subscribed to one of them already)! I can’t believe Christmas is only a month away now…

Big Girl x

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