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5 Subscription Services Good For You And The Environment

There are some subscription services I couldn’t do without… So I wanted to tell you which ones and why! It’s important to mention this post is not sponsored, my opinions are genuine and purely my own. It’s simply a great occasion to promote companies that make my life easier and contribute to help save the planet at the same time… What more could you ask for? All of these subscriptions are super convenient too: you can skip, pause, change your selected products at any time. You get all the benefits of a subscription without feeling tied in, you stay in control as they’ll remind you of your next order so you can’t forget.

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Abel & Cole – Organic food delivered to your door

abel & cole

Good for you

They have a huge range of sustainable, organic food and drink that you can choose to get delivered weekly. Every area has an allocated day of the week so you know when to expect your delivery. If you have allergens, they have a “free from” section where you can filter any dietary requirement. But their best service is probably their fruit & veg boxes. You can choose the right size for your household (small, medium or large), fruits only, vegs only, or even if you’d rather get local products only (the “all British veg box”). All these boxes are organic.

If you subscribe, you’ll receive seasonal fruits and/or veggies that will differ week to week, but you can log in and check what you will get. The “dislike list” is also useful to specify what item you don’t want to receive (personally, I don’t like mushrooms) and they’ll replace it with something else!

Worth mentioning their customer service is top notch. One day, I ordered some gnocchi that were not gluten-free. It was completely my fault, I misread the label online and bought the wrong item. I reached out to the team to find out if it was possible to send it back and get a refund. It was unfortunately not possible to send it back but they happily refunded it anyway, what a nice gesture!

Good for the environment

There are many reasons why they’re green. First of all, I love the fact that you keep the box and simply leave it in front of your door for the driver to collect on your next week’s delivery. You don’t have to recycle it, they reuse it again and again until it’s not usable anymore, before they recycle it. They also don’t use plastic, only compostable packaging. They partner with farmers and bakers with a strong commitment to ethically made food. No unpleasant chemicals.

New customer?

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Huel – Complete food for busy lives

huel product range

Good for you

The first time I heard about them, I was not convinced about having a shake instead of a meal. Then I realised how clever the full concept was! This complete food provides you with all the carbs, protein, fibre, fat, vitamins and minerals you need. It has nothing to do with a diet shake or a simple protein powder because it’s real food with a balanced macro-split. They evolved a lot throughout the years and offer a wide range of protein bars, ready-to-drink shakes, powder as well as “hot and savoury” meals. I love the fact they consistently come up with new flavours too. And as you know exactly how many calories each product or scoop contains, it can also help with weight loss or weight management, as well as training for athletes.

My personal favourites? The black edition (more proteins and less carbs), salted caramel flavour, and all protein bars (especially the peanut butter one). Needless to say it saves me a lot of time when it comes to food planning! I have a Huel shake every day for lunch, no cooking required, I just prepare it the evening and keep it in the fridge for the next day. It’s so much healthier than a quick sandwich with a bag of crisps. It’s definitely a must-have for anyone with a busy life (but who doesn’t consider themselves “busy” nowadays?). Also, it’s great value. You save money as well as your time.

Good for the environment

All products have a long shelf life and contain sustainable ingredients. Huel is plant-based (vegan) and contains no animal products. Their mission is to create nutritionally complete food with minimal environmental impact. Their suppliers meet an internationally recognised sustainability standard and help them reduce their carbon footprint. To find out more, you can read their Sustainable Nutrition Report (2020). You’ll find plenty of super useful information in there about why we need to change the way we think about food.

New customer?

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Mindful Chef – Easy-to-follow recipes for a healthy diet

mindful chef healthy diet

Good for you

I love the fact that everything is gluten & dairy-free with them, it’s the reason why I picked this box over other similar boxes. And all recipes are healthy, up to 650 calories a serving and well-balanced, no refined carbs like white pasta, bread or white rice. You can filter vegan or pescatarian options if you prefer, everyone would find something they like the look of. I owe them a lot as I learnt so much about vegan meals over the past few months!

For example, I wanted to cook with ingredients I had never tried before, such as tempeh, jackfruit, chickpea or even butternut squash. I never took any “adventurous” roads with my food before. But now I realise how much better everything tastes like when I learn how to cook myself. It’s almost like they helped me change my taste buds for good and taught me how to enjoy new flavours.

Their recipes are easy-to-follow, the quantity delivered is really good (sometimes there is even some leftover) and it’s great to avoid the hassle of shopping every single ingredient in the supermarket. You can subscribe for a weekly box or you can stick to just a one-off whenever convenient, there is no commitment. Last but not least, they often add a freebie in your parcel of a new product (always gluten & dairy-free) for you to try. There is literally nothing I don’t like about this service. Did I mention they have new recipes every week and you can order up to 8 weeks in advance?

Good for the environment

The fact that you don’t have to shop for each ingredient is already good for the planet: you get the exact quantity you need for each recipe. Zero food waste! To keep some ingredients cool, they use recycled denim insulation that you can keep and send them back for free, once you’ve accumulated enough.

Bonus and good to know: for every meal you buy, they donate a school meal to a child in poverty.

New customer?

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Who Gives A Crap – More than your average toilet paper

who gives a crap toilet paper

Good for you

Or should I say good for your bum? I discovered this brand for the first time when I was travelling in Australia, back in January 2020. I thought the marketing around this product was very clever. Then I realised it was a subscription model to make sure you never run out of toilet paper, how amazing! This is the type of thing you don’t really want to think about, you take it for granted… Until a worldwide pandemic happens and everyone rushes through supermarkets to make sure they have plenty of it. Well the good thing about it is they don’t use any inks, dyes or scents. And the price is right (you could find cheaper in a supermarket but the quality would be “crap”, excuse the pun), not to mention a roll lasts forever!

Good for the environment

Not only they’re B Corp™ certified for the highest standards of social and environmental impact, they also help build toilets for people who need them. Not everyone is lucky enough to have access to toilets and it’s good to be reminded of that sometimes. They don’t use plastic in their packaging and they also sell forest-friendly tissues and paper towels, as well as reusable cloths. Their blog is funny and informative and is worth a read. They clearly care about the world (not just about toilet paper) and partnered with Oddbox whose aim is to reduce food waste. The more the merrier when it comes to eco-friendly brands!

New customer?

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Smol – Eco-friendly and effective laundry capsules

smol laundry capsules

Good for you

I’ll focus on laundry capsules because it’s the only thing I have used myself. They also do dishwashing tablets, a fabric conditioner and various cleaning product sprays. I will definitely switch over to these at some point, once I’m done with what I already have. Their super concentrated laundry capsules come in either bio (green) or non-bio (blue) options. The latter is designed for those with sensitive skin. Just like toilet paper, you always need this product so it’s good to not have to think about it. Their subscription plan is super flexible, you can edit, pause or skip whenever you want (or simply cancel at anytime). I like the fact the packaging is very secure and fits the letterbox! Also it makes your clothes smell amazing… for a cheaper price than supermarket competitors.

Good for the environment

The environment is definitely at the centre of their attention and it’s great to know they’re using lower levels of added chemicals per wash. Their very clever packaging is obviously plastic-free, using sustainable materials that are 100% recyclable. It’s also vegan as doesn’t contain any animal derived ingredients (important point for me). All products are cruelty-free, only tested on towels!

New customer?

Click here to get a free trial. You’ll receive a box of 9 laundry capsules (you’ll just have to cover £1 for postage).

I got the essentials covered with these eco-friendly subscription services: food, toilet paper and laundry/cleaning products. What other services do you use yourself in your day-to-day life that have a positive impact on the planet?

Big Girl x


  1. Love how you’ve organized this post! I am very intrigued by the laudnry capsules..this seems like an easy switch and beneficial all around.. I think I will try the free trial…thanks!


  2. I love that you mention Who Gives A Crap! When the panic buying was happening here in Australia, I actually mentioned them to my husband. Like who knew they’d be so immediately relevant, right?? Amazing list 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  3. I’ve never heard of any of these companies! Thank you so much for shedding some light on these great companies that have the earth and our wellbeing in mind!


  4. I like that the food subscription box gets recycled and the packaging is compostable. Some of the food subscription boxes have so much plastic packaging and you throw away a ton of stuff just to make one meal.


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