Behind the screen

Hi there! My name is Florence and I’m the “Big Girl” who created this blog. France is my native country but I don’t call it home anymore. I have a French dad and a Japanese mum so I’m a mix of two very different cultures. Travelling makes me the happiest, I love discovering new places. I currently live in London with my husband and our 2 cats: Miko & Luna.

miko and luna

I started this blog after I came back from travelling in Southeast Asia & the Pacific, interrupted by lockdown 2020. As I’ve had no office to go back to and no more work responsibilities, it was the perfect occasion for me to focus on how to become the best version of myself, hoping to inspire people along the way! I wanted to write about various topics related to self-improvement.

When I chose the name of this blog, I asked myself “Who am I?” and “Where am I?”. I wanted readers to be able to relate. I’m a Big Girl, this is how I will sign all of my posts. It’s not weight-related, I mean it in the way you would say: “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. And currently I live in London, which is a Big City. Below are the 4 main topics covered:

Health & Well-being

Having a healthy body requires a healthy mind, that’s why you can’t talk about health without talking about mental health. I write about relatable topics, things anyone can experience at some point in their lives, how to preserve yourself and feel good.


The way we interact with others is crucial. Any type of relationship can be meaningful and anyone can have an impact on your life (virtually or not). Some posts will be a bit more specific to engaged couples, when it comes to wedding planning for example (I use my own experience).


Caring about the planet is not only good for the environment, it makes you a better person. You can’t focus on yourself and completely ignore what’s around you, it’s also about showing respect and giving back to the Earth.


Simply because this is the only thing that costs you money and yet makes you richer. But travelling will become pointless in the future if we don’t worry about global warming. This is a reminder of how beautiful our planet is and why it is so important to preserve it.

Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

Big Girl x

NOTE: I don’t update this blog anymore, but I have a new blog called VENGA where I list gluten-free & vegan friendly places in the world. Go check it out!